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Ethiopia is one of the world's great crossroads, where the people and cultures of Africa, the Middle East, and the Mediterranean have been interacting for thousands of years. The resulting ethnic and cultural diversity has given rise to many unique and dynamic visual traditions. The country has thus been called a cultural mosaic, due to its 80 different languages and dialects and as many, if not more, cultural varieties.

The strong religious setting, celebrations, and festivals play an important part in everyone's daily life. Church ceremonies are a major feature of Ethiopian life. Above all, it is a country of great antiquities, cultures, and traditions stretching back 3000 years.

These cultural tours have been designed in a way to enable visitors to experience this amazing culture and history of one of the world's most ancient peoples and civilizations. Click on the links below for each tour for specific information.

    The Historic Route of Ethiopia by Air — 10 Days

    Welcome to the beauty of Ethiopia’s Historic Route! The magnificent cultures and landscapes are indicative of an extraordinary past. And the past has left its mark on the land, the people, and their monuments. In this fascinating land the past comes alive in the form of strange and beautiful monuments and ruins, built centuries ago in what used to be one of the greatest kingdoms of the world. Moreover, it is a past that began as the cradle of mankind.

    These tour takes you on the highlights of the Historic Route of Ethiopia as you travel by air, giving you more time to explore the different sites.  

    Trip Highlights

    • Visit three UNESCO World Heritage Sites.
    • Visit the ancient city of Axum, the last resting place of the Ark of the Covenant.
    • Wonder the magnificent rock-hewn churches of Lalibela.
    • Explore the fairytale castles of Gondar.
    • Take a boat cruise to visit the island monasteries of Lake Tana.
    • Discover the source of the mighty Blue Nile River and Blue Nile Falls.
    • Taste the varied Ethiopian food.
    • Attend an Ethiopian coffee ceremony.
    • Go on a city tour of Addis Ababa.
    • Meet your ancestor Lucy at the National Museum.
    • Mingle with the local people.


    Day 1: Arrive Addis Ababa

    Arrive at Bole Airport in Addis Ababa and transfer to hotel. If you arrive in the morning, an optional city tour of Addis Ababa can be arranged.

    Day 2: Addis Ababa, Axum 

    In the morning, transfer to Addis Ababa airport for your flight to Axum. For the rest of the day, tour the ancient city of Axum. Your visit in Axum will include the stele field, kaleba tombs, 4th-century Christian inscription of King Ezana, Queen of Sheba’s Palace, Archeological Museum, and Tsion Mariam Church where the original Ark of the Covenant is housed.

    Day 3: Axum, Yeha, Debre Damo

    After breakfast, you will have an excursion to to the pre-Christian temple of Yeha.

    Day 4: Axum, Lalibela

    After breakfast, transfer to Axum airport for the flight to Lalibela. In the morning, fly to Lalibela and visit the first group of rock-hewn churches from 1200 AD.

    Day 5: Lalibela, Asheten Mariam

    In the morning, mule ride and trek to the top of Asheten Mariam Monastery. In the afternoon, visit the second group of rock-hewn churches.

    Day 6: Lalibela, Gondar 

    After breakfast, transfer to Lalibela airport for the flight to Gondar. In the afternoon, tour Gondar including the Royal Enclosure, the pool of King Fasilidas, and the famous Debre Berhan Selassie Church.

    Day 7: Excursion to Simien Mountains, Gondar

    Full-day excursion to the Simien Mountains National Park.

    Day 8: Gondar, Bahirdar

    In the morning, drive to Bahirdar and take an afternoon boat cruise on Lake Tana to visit the island monasteries.

    Day 9: Blue Nile Falls, Bahirdar

    After breakfast, drive 35 km to visit the majestic Blue Nile Falls. In the afternoon, walk around the town and visit the colorful local market.

    Day 10: Bahirdar, Addis Ababa, Departure

    In the morning, transfer to the airport for the flight to Addis Ababa. Or there can be an optional city tour, depending on your departure time.

    Flight schedule permitting, in the evening, there will be Grand Holidays Ethiopia Tours complimentary farewell dinner party — the perfect end to the trip! At the end of the farewell dinner, transfer to Addis Ababa airport for the flight back. End of tour.


    Additional Info

    • Trip Type: Cultural Tour
    • TourCode: GHET-001B
    • JourneyType: Private Tour With an Expert Local Guide, Customized to Your Interest
    • TourDuration: 10 Days
    • Activities/Description: This tour takes you on the highlights of the Historic Route of Ethiopia. You will travel by air and have plenty time to explore the different sites.
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